This conference is an international forum for the presentation of studies and research findings in the fields of tourism and business. The conference will bring together scholars and practitioners in the domain of interest fromĀ around the world. We welcome submissions of abstracts and full papers on all topics related to tourism and business, such as Tourism and Hospitality, Marketing, Economics, Entrepreneurship, and Corporate Governance. The gathering of scholars and practitioners from academics and business organizations will be a great opportunity to share knowledge and to reinforce cooperation.

12-14 January 2015
The International Conference on Tourism and Business Thailand


Purpose of Conference

This conference provides a platform for international academics, researchers, and students to present their studies and research findings in the fields of tourism and business. The conference also offers an opportunity for academics, professionals, and practitioners to share and exchange their knowledge, experiences, and new ideas about all aspects of tourism and business. Moreover, the conference provides a forum for scholars and practitioners to discuss the most recent situations, the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted in order to develop potential concepts for the near future and create alliances to improve their works. The conference aims to build global knowledge communities that cut horizontally across legacy of knowledge, interdisciplinary thinking, structures and conversations. In addition, the conference aims to enhance and develop opportunities for further research and to strengthen the quality of research on tourism and business around the world. The conference also offers opportunities for the participants to foster research networking in finding global partners for future cross-institutional intellectual collaborations.