MUIC Policy

An announcement by Mahidol University International College
Subject: The policy of energy saving at MUIC 2010

The government has encouraged all public and private sectors to save energy. Therefore the Administration and Chief meeting (no.10/2552), held on 10 October 2009, has given its approval to impose the policy of energy saving at MUIC.
To achieve the objectives set for the policy and to comply with the government’s campaign on energy saving, The Dean of MUIC has approved the following guidelines:
A. Electricity saving
a. Lights
i. During regular working hours, lights should be turned on at 07:00 am and turned off at 17.00 pm or when no longer in use.
ii. During overtime working hours, lights should be turned on at 17:30 am and turned off when not in use.
iii. Common Area: Turn on the lights only when needed.
iv. At night, lights will be turned on only for security purposes as needed.
v. Use natural lights during the day instead of turning the lights on.

b. Air-conditioners
i. Office area:
1. During regular working hours, turn air-conditioners on and off 15 minutes before working and leaving (turn on at 07:45 am and turn off at 16:45 pm).
2. During overtime working hours, air-conditioners can be turned on at 17:30 pm and must be turned off 15 minutes before leaving.
3. Turn off air-conditioners during lunch breaks (between 11:30 am – 12:30 pm).
ii. Common area:
1. Turn on air-conditioners only as needed.
2. Set the temperature of air-conditioners at 25° Celsius.
c. Elevators
i. Use stairs instead of the elevator when moving between only two floors.
ii. Use the elevator together with many people.
iii. Please wait for the automatic system to open and close the doors instead of pressing the buttons over and over again.

d. Electrical appliances
i. Please turn off your computer screen during lunch and when not in use.
ii. Set the delay time for your computer screen when not in use at over 15 minutes and automatic shut down when not in use for over 30 minutes.
iii. Switch off the lights, office supplies and the electrical appliances when not in use.
iv. Share printers in the same working area.
B. Water supply saving
a. Please close the tap tightly after use.
b. Please close the tap when not immediately in use.
c. Make proper use of water.

C. Office supplies saving
a. Make proper use of office materials, stationery and paper.
b. Recheck your documents before printing, make copies only when needed and use both sides.
c. Print information from e-mail only when needed.
d. Circulate documents within the office instead of making several copies.
e. Please reuse envelopes which are in a good condition.
f. Please use only one paper cup at a time.

This notification will take effect from the day of this announcement.

Announced on the 28 January 2010
(Assoc. Prof. Rassmidara Hoonsawat)
Dean of Mahidol University International College

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