January 2016

MUIC Low Carbon Society : Biomass Estimation The Energy Saving Committee is back with this January news bulletin. MUIC is aiming to “Eco University”, We have a news and knowledge for all of you. We are sure many of you heard of the carbon footprint. Today, the Energy Saving Committee to educate and inform about such information here. A Carbon Footprint as scientific value, determine the volume of greenhouse gas emissions and uptake of the product or activity into the atmosphere that calculations in form of carbon dioxide equivalent. It is a one of greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. Current events in a daily life of a human cause such gas is increasing. Therefore, the Energy Saving Committee invites all of you to be a part of reducing your carbon footprint. On December 28, 2015, the MUIC Energy Saving Committee has measured trees surrounding the college, which has found that 154 trees around the college. Trees can storage carbon dioxide (CO2) reach 624.41 tons of CO2 equivalents. We are hopeful that this campaign will inspire happiness to all of you. We will be back again next month with more interesting campaign announcements and news from the Energy Saving Committee. 455bf598-10d2-43b8-9296-1f379e6aa4f7