July 2016

Green Roof Hello! All MUIC Faculty and Staff, we proudly present you the way to created Green Roof to. Green roof is made from many beverage cartons by recycling process to separate plastic and aluminum foil from pulp & paper. Next step is to cut a piece of plastic and aluminum foil and mix with steel plate for forming process. And feed it to Hot Presses Machine Cold Presses Machine. The Green roof was created in this process. This process is produced without chemical. 2,000 beverage cartons made 1 green roof. The project is now on-going. All of you can bring your donations to the drop box in front of the Administration office on the 2nd Floor of Building 1. We deeply appreciate your kind cooperation and support to our campaign. Green roof (3) Green roof (2) Green roof (1) See all of you next newsletter. Best wishes, Energy Saving & Environmental Committe