Job Opportunities For MUIC Students

According to Socrates, “the unexamined life is not worth living.” Every student is required to meet the demands of university life, not only in academics but also in the development of personal life skills. Your experiences at MUIC should enable you to explore what is important, particularly your strengths and weakneses. The ultimate challenge is to determine what is your goal in life and how it can best be realized in the career that you choose.

MUIC’s Career Development program offers you a variety of resources that will assist you in that journey. This web page provides you with practical and specific job opportunities which, hopefully, will clarify your options.

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Internship Program SCG Download
Internship Program AWR Lloyd Download
Internship Program Business France-Bangkok Download
City Manager Business Development Project Foodpanda Download
Sale & Marketing Executive Remarkable Academy Download
Recruitment Consultant BOLTWorkforce Download
Japanese Sales Representative Fujimaki Steel (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Download

updated on 04 October, 2018