MUIC offers a series of subject minors in various major programs. Apart from Chemistry, the other Science Majors (with the exception of Computer Engineering), along with the Social Science and Tourism and Hospitality Management (THM) Majors, offer minors.

The five Business Administration majors and three Entertainment Media majors (Television, Film and Animation Production) have each consolidated their resources in providing one minor.

In addition, the college offers minors and one certificate in the following disciplines:

Due to the current revision of the Science Division’s Minors Program, applicants will not be accepted until the new curriculum is completed.

Minor in Chemistry

The Chemistry minor teaches understanding of the elements, their reactivity and their interactions. It complements studies in Biology, Biomedical Science, Environment and Food Science and would be valuable for business managers in most industries.

Course Requirements

Required Courses 24 credits
ICCH 210 General Chemistry I 4(4-0-8)
ICCH 211 General Chemistry II 4 (4-0-8)
ICCH 221 Organic Chemistry I 4 (4-0-8)
ICCH 220 Basic Organic Chemistry 4 (3-2-7)
ICCH 222 Organic Chemistry II 4 (4-0-8)
ICCH 311 Analytical Chemistry I 4 (3-2-7)
ICCH 441 Inorganic Chemistry I 4 (4-0-8)

Elective Courses 8 credits
ICCH 321 Organic Spectroscopy 4 (4-0-8)
ICCH 421 Physical Organic Chemistry 4 (4-0-8)
ICCH 423 Heterocyclic Chemistry 4 (4-0-8)
ICCH 424 Natural Product Chemistry 4 (4-0-8)


Attention Everyone

A week after the bombing of Erawan Shrine and the second explosion at SaphanTaksin Pier, Thai police continues to search for the suspects. Ordinary Thais who have knowledge of the suspects’ probable identities and whereabouts have stepped forward the past few days to share information with the authorities.

As the international community shared its sympathy with Thailand and the bombing victims, authorities are trying their best to bring back the situation to normal and maintain calm to both Bangkok residents and tourists. Nevertheless, everyone is encouraged to remain vigilant of his surroundings and be alert of any potential dangers.

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