The Media and Communication major is the first degree program in Thailand that is specifically designed to prepare students for emerging ASEAN markets by focusing on a convergence of media platforms and a strong emphasis on content and communicability.

The program is uniquely positioned to prepare students for today’s converging media environments. Students are expected to learn a broad range of knowledge and creative skills, from critical thinking and journalistic writing to the ability to create strategic communication campaigns, discuss major media issues, engage in interactive media, create performing art projects and craft media policies, among others.

Bachelor of Communication Arts (B. Comm. Arts) in Media and Communication

The program’s curriculum integrates theory and practice. This method allows students to gain a deep understanding of theory while equipping them with the necessary skills for entering the workforce. The theoretical portion of the program is designed to establish a base of interdisciplinary knowledge combining humanities, social sciences, arts, technology, and communication. On top of this foundation, the curriculum delivers a deep understanding of media and communication in a global and rapidly changing environment. The practical application portion of the program ensures that students can apply theory in a working context. It fosters critical thinking and creativity while cultivating high quality media and communication skills.

In sum, the program aims to prepare students for a new landscape in media and communications. Upon completion of the program, students will have a deep understanding of the role of media in shaping our individual and collective identities. They will have the knowledge and skills necessary to seek and hold jobs in the media industry at home or abroad, and be equipped with the confidence to do so.

There are two concentrations: Mass Communication and Journalism and Creative Content