Business Economics

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”
– Aristotle



Business Economics

The Business Economics Major is based on the economic foundations and developments that have occurred in this subject area over the last several Business Economics majors are well-equipped in both the micro and macro aspects of economics and their applications.decades. Business Economics majors will be well-equipped in both the micro and the macro aspects of economics and their analytical applications to the operational aspects of any business in any particular industry.

The curriculum not only provides students with a solid foundation in economics but also prepares them with the tools to better understand the business environment, its market structures and the strategies necessary to compete in a global business world.

Career Opportunities

Career choices for Business Economic majors include analysts and researchers for the Stock Exchange of Thailand, researchers at the Bank of Thailand, positions in the Ministries of Commerce and Finance, in addition to a variety of opportunities in private banks and financial institutions.