Computer Science

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” -Socrates



Computer Science

Computer Science is one of the promising disciplines for career opportunities. It emphasizes a wide range of computing fields from theoretical The Computer Science major offers students the opportunity to become qualified professionals in a wide range of areas.foundations to state-of-the-art technology development in large-scale system development, database, mobile and internet programming, computer networks, intelligent systems and more. Students majoring in Computer Science will receive a solid foundation in the areas of theoretical computing, programming, systems analysis, design and development, information management, database and computer security.

The Computer Science major at MUIC offers students the opportunity to become qualified professionals in many areas of interest in terms of theory, software, applications and hardware. This includes programming languages, software engineering, system analysis and design, database, operating systems, computer architecture, computer graphics, distributed systems, computer networks, numerical analysis, artificial intelligence, data warehousing and mining, and information technology management.

Career Opportunities

The Computer Science major is designed to prepare students for careers in system analysis and design, web development, interface design, security issues and mobile computing which are available in software companies, computer services companies and organizations in the private and public sectors. Other opportunities include positions at research universities, industrial research, development laboratories and entrepreneurial ventures.