Environmental Science

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” -Socrates



Environmental Science

Contemporary society is being challenged by a diverse array of extremely complex environmental problems driven by rapid increases in population and the Students explore environmental issues in Thailand and conduct research projects with an aim towards sustainable development. demands on our life-support systems. Increased environmental pollution from the physical, chemical, and biological contaminants generated by industrial activities, agriculture and food production, and poor natural resource management continue to threaten the ecological and economic stability of our planet. Environmental studies have become necessary to meet the needs of the present age.

The Environmental Science major provides educational and technical services in the fields of environment and natural resource management. The program trains students to explore environmental issues in Thailand and to conduct research projects with an aim towards sustainable development. Environment students learn how to follow a rigorous interdisciplinary approach to measure, quantify, predict and resolve serious environmental threats by integrating knowledge from appropriate disciplines. Students are expected to respond to issues such as natural resources conservation, ecosystem restoration, global warming, waste management, ground and surface water contamination, chemical toxicity, pollution prevention and control, and environmental planning and decision making.

Career Opportunities

The B.Sc. degree in Environmental Science leads to a variety of career opportunities in private industry and governmental agencies concerned with environmental quality assessment, community environment programs and interagency coordination in environmental quality maintenance. Graduates can work as scholars, researchers, experts on the national and international levels, as well as in the public sector in the supervision of the environment and its resources in addition to private and business sectors in the production of goods and services.