“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”
– Aristotle




The Marketing Major provides students with relevant marketing skills, a crucial component of any business which includes conducting research to The curriculum furnishes majors with a sound foundation in both basic and advanced levels of marketing, consumer behavior and marketing researchlearn about the needs of customers, developing new products or refining existing ones, setting prices, determining where products should be sold and promoting the product to the final users.The curriculum furnishes Marketing majors with a sound foundation in the basics of marketing, consumer behavior and marketing research before advancing to the higher level modules of different marketing strategy courses. Students learn how to analyze situations and implement strategies under different market environments through lectures, class discussions, case studies and projects.

Career Opportunities

Marketing majors are well qualified to meet the challenges of working in the business sector. Career opportunities in local and multinational companies include positions as marketing, brand and product managers, trade marketers in retail operations and research analysts, in addition to account executives in advertising agencies, marketing jobs in non-governmental organizations and entrepreneurial ventures. Many of our majors go on to pursue their graduate studies in Business Administration or Marketing Research, Communication and Logistics.