Applied Mathematics
“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” -Socrates



Applied Mathematics

Mathematics is one of the oldest human disciplines dating back to the earliest civilizations. Since its origins, it has proved to be an indispensable toolMathematics plays a fundamental role both in the sciences and in the world of commerce and finance. for understanding the world around us. Mathematics is the language of modern science and basic training in the discipline. It is essential for those who want to understand the important scientific developments of our time.

Mathematics is the study of and search for patterns and permeates almost every aspect of life. It plays a fundamental role both in the sciences and in the world of commerce and finance. It also provides the tools and skills we need for dealing with the most abstract concepts. An understanding of mathematics is also extremely useful for students in the social sciences and valuable for anyone interested in the full range of human culture and the development of abstract thought.

MUIC offers a mathematics major that combines the benefits of a well-rounded general education in science and humanities with applied mathematics to produce high caliber graduates capable of undertaking graduate studies, secondary school teaching and careers in IT related professions, finance, banking and actuarial science.

Career Opportunities

Excellent career opportunities for bilingual and multi-lingual applied mathematics graduates exist. Even in areas where the application of mathematics may not be obvious, a mathematical education provides training in logical and analytical skills, which are invaluable in many industries. Apart from the obvious careers in teaching and science, opportunities exist in insurance companies, industry and commerce as well as in economics.