Humanities and Language Division

The MUIC Humanities and Language Division (HLD) is responsible for the Intercultural Studies major, also known as the ICCU Program. ICCU students have options to concentrate in Critical Studies of English Language (CSEL), Ethics, Philosophy and Economics (EPE) or Foreign Language and Culture (FLC). Alternatively, students may choose not to take up any concentration. HLD is also responsible for all English, Humanities, Foreign Language and PE courses in General Education. It also offers minors in Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Spanish and English (albeit temporarily on hold).

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Division Chair

Asst. Prof.Analiza Perez-Amurao

Asst. Prof. Analiza Perez-Amurao

Division Chair, 02 – 800 3574 Ext. 326

PhD, Multicultural Studies, Mahidol University, Thailand
Postgraduate Diploma, TESOL, SEAMEO Regional Language Center, Singapore MA, ELLT, Ateneo de Manila University, The Philippines
AB-BSE, ELT and Certificate in Speech and Drama, Philippine Normal University, The Philippines

Areas of Interest
Applied Linguistics
Sociolinguistics Multicultural studies
Migration studies

Courses Taught
ICCM 104 English Communication 1
ICCM 105 English Communication 2
ICCM 106 English Communication 3
ICEG 463 Topics in Comparative Literature: Drama
ICCU 201 Contemporary Southeast Asia
Independent project

Vice Chair

Dr. Prateep Wongverayuth

Dr. Prateep Wongverayuth, 02 – 800 3574 Ext. 207

Ph.D., Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Minzu Universtiy of China,
M.A., Politics, Chulalongkorn University
B.A., Politics, Chulalongkorn University

Areas of Interest
Language Policy,Chinese Teaching pedagogy, Chinese Teaching as a Foreign language

Courses Taught
Elementary Chinese 1;Elementary Chinese 2;Elementary Chinese 3

Program Director, Intercultural Studies

Mr.Julien Hardy

Mr.Julien Hardy , 02 – 800 3574 Ext. 226

M.Res., History and Civilization Studies, University of Paris VIII
M.A., English Language, Literature and Civilization Studies, University of Metz
B.A., English Language, Literature and Civilization Studies, University of Metz

Areas of Interest
British and American Literature and History, National Identity and Politics in Australia, Indigenous Peoples and the Law, ESL/EFL, Education and Technology

Courses Taught
Intermediate English Communication I; Intermediate English Communication II; Intermediate English Communication III

Assistant Program Director, Intercultural Studies

Ms.Wimonsiri Hemtanon

Ms.Wimonsiri Hemtanon , 02 – 800 3574 Ext. 214

Pursuing Ph.D., Southeast Asian Studies, University of Passau
M.A., Political Science, Chulalongkorn University
B.A., Sociology and Anthropology, Thammasat University

Areas of Interest
Thai Language, Sociology, Southeast Asia, Politics, Media

Courses Taught
Introduction to Thai Language and Culture; Elementary Thai I, Elementary Thai II; Elementary Thai III

Program Director, English Studies

Mr. Matthew Ferguson

Mr. Matthew Ferguson, 02 – 800 3574 Ext. 325

M.A., Curriculum and Instruction, University of Victoria
B.A., English Literature, University of Western Ontario

Areas of Interest
Curriculum development, Cross-cultural communication, Literature, Narrative inquiry.

Courses Taught
English Communication 1, 2, 3.
Introduction to Literary Analysis.

Assistant Program Director, English Studies

Mr. John Power

Mr. John Power

Senior Lecturer, 02 – 800 3574 Ext. 220

CELTA St Giles College, Highgate London
RSA DELTA/Diploma British Council, Riyadh
IELTS Examiner Trainer, Cambridge
Post Graduate Diploma in TESOL, Sheffield Hallam University
MA TESOL, Sheffield Hallam University

Areas of Interest
Creative Behaviors
Reflection; Reflective Journal Writing

Courses Taught
ICCM105: Intermediate English Communication 2
ICCM202: Exploring Global Realities

Program Director, Humanities

Asst.Prof.Dr.York Gunther

Asst.Prof.Dr.York Gunther, 02 – 800 3574 Ext. 317

Ph.D., Philosophy, Columbia University
M.Phil., Philosophy, Columbia University
M.A., Philosophy, Columbia University
B.A., Philosophy & Literature, University of Toronto
Diploma 10, Piano, Royal Conservatory of Music

Areas of Interest
Philosophies of Mind and Psychology; Philosophy of Art and Aesthetics; Foundations of Language; History of Ideas; Politics, Culture and Ethics; Metaphysics; Logic

Courses Taught
ICHM 218 (Film Studies)
ICHM 213 (Knowledge Representation)
ICHM 225 (Classical Western Ideal)
ICSP 356 (Psychology of Emotion)
ICCU 202 (Intro to Eastern & Western Art)
ICCU 204 (History of Ideas I)
ICCU 205 (History of Ideas II)
ICCU 330 (Mind, Machines & Ethics)
ICCU 3333 (Intercultural Philosophy)
ICCU 350 (Independent Studies)

Program Director, Foreign Languages

Mrs. Agnieszka Atthasit

Mrs. Agnieszka Atthasit, 02 – 800 3574 Ext. 203

M.A Teaching French as Foreign Language, Universite le Mirail, Toulouse, France
B.A Linguistics, Universite le Mirail, Toulouse, France

Areas of Interest
French language and litterature,self-directed learning, language portfolio, bilingualism

Courses Taught
ICML 121 Elementary French I, ICML 122 Elementary French II, ICML 123 Elementary French III, ICLF 211 Pre-intermediate French I, ICLF 212 Pre-intermediate French II, ICLF 213 Pre-intermediate French III
ICCU 312 Reccurent topics in French litterature

Assistant Program Director, Foreign Languages

Mr.Jun Toyama

Mr.Jun Toyama , 02 – 800 3574 Ext. 315

M.A.(Education), Tokyo Gakugei University

Areas of Interest
Foreign language teaching and learning, Philosophy of education

Courses Taught
Elementary Japanese I-II, Pre-Intermediate Japanese I-III, Intermediate Japanese I-III

Program Director, Physical and Health Education

Mr. Roman Chirasanta

Mr. Roman Chirasanta, 02 – 800 3574 Ext. 204

M.A. Curriculum Design and Teaching, Michigan State University
B.A. Travel Industry Management, Mahidol University International College
TESOL, Chichester College

Areas of Interest
Curriculum Development, Health and Wellness, Advancement in Female Athletics and Disability Equality in Asian Society.

Courses Taught
ICPE 118: American Flag Football, ICPE 102: Basketball, ICPE 121: Soccer, ICPE 107: Volleyball

Dr. Alexander Nanni

Dr. Alexander Nanni

Ed.D., Curriculum, Teaching, Learning, and Leadership, Northeastern University
M.Ed., Teaching English as a Second Language, Rhode Island College
B.A., French and Economics/Mathematics (Statistics), Loyola University Maryland

Areas of Interest
International Education, Curriculum Development, Project Based Learning, Educational Technology

Courses Taught
English Communication 1, 2, and 3

Mrs. Barbara Ekamp

Mrs. Barbara Ekamp, 02 – 800 3574 Ext. 313

M.A. (Sinology), Freie Universitaet Berlin, Germany, 2004
M.A. (German Language and Literature/Germanistik, Philosophy, Political Science), University of Cologne, Germany, 1985

Areas of Interest
History of Philosophy/ Postmodern Philosophy/ Eastern and Western Literature/ History of East Asia

Courses Taught
ICHM 101 Introduction to Philosophy
ICHM 103 Introduction to Logic
ICHM 205 Politics and Ethics
ICHM 202 The Enlightenment of European Literature
ICHM 213 Elements of Knowledge Representation

Full-time Lecturers

Assistant Professor Dr. Gerald Moshammer

Assistant Professor Dr. Gerald Moshammer, 02 – 800 3574 Ext. 317

Ph.D., Philosophy, University of Vienna
M.Phil., Philosophy, University of Vienna
M.A., Instrumental Pedagogy (Piano), University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna
National Teaching Qualification, Instrumental Pedagogy (Piano), Anton Bruckner Conservatory, Linz

Areas of Interest
Moral Philosophy, Animacy and Motion in Music, Symbol Theory, Aesthetics

Courses Taught
Introduction to Logic; Music Appreciation; Moral and Ethical Studies; Elementary Art Theory; Politics and Ethics; Elements of Knowledge Representation

Asst. Prof. Nicholas Ferriman

Asst. Prof. Nicholas Ferriman, 02 – 800 3574 Ext. 223

MA in TESOL, Sheffield Hallam University, UK.
Post-Graduate Certificate of Education (PE and Maths), Loughborough University, UK.
BSc (Hons) in PE and Sports Science, Loughborough University, UK.
IELTS Senior Examiner

Areas of Interest
International Relations, Literacy, Health Related Fitness, Evolution.

Courses Taught
English Communication 3 (public speaking)
Advanced Oral Communication (advanced public speaking)
Exploring Global Realities
The Story of English
The Origins of Language and Culture

Asst. Prof. Takayoshi Fujiwara

Asst. Prof. Takayoshi Fujiwara, 02 – 800 3574 Ext. 211

M.A., Social Psychology, Hitotsubashi University, Japan
B.A., Mass Communication, University of Tsukuba, Japan
B.A., Linguistics, University of Tsukuba, Japan

Areas of Interest
Educational psychology, foreign language teaching and learning, Japanese language and culture, Japanese society

Courses Taught
ICML 111 Elementary Japanese I
ICML 112 Elementary Japanese II
ICML 113 Elementary Japanese III
ICLJ 211 Pre-Intermediate Japanese I
ICLJ 212 Pre-Intermediate Japanese II
ICLJ 213 Pre-Intermediate Japanese III
ICLJ 311 Intermediate Japanese I
ICLJ 312 Intermediate Japanese II
ICLJ 313 Intermediate Japanese III
ICHL 101 Japanese I for Hospitality and Tourism Industry
ICHL 102 Japanese II for Hospitality and Tourism Industry
ICHL 103 Japanese III for Hospitality and Tourism Industry
ICHL 104 Japanese IV for Hospitality and Tourism Industry
ICHL 105 Japanese V for Hospitality and Tourism Industry
ICHL 106 Japanese VI for Hospitality and Tourism Industry

Dr. Juan Carlos Olmos Alcoy

Dr. Juan Carlos Olmos Alcoy, 02 – 800 3574 Ext. 212

Ph.D., Estimating productive vocabulary using models extrapolated from ecology,University of Swansea

Areas of Interest
Vocabulary acquisition, Lexical density estimation, lexical frequencies

Courses Taught
Spanish as SL (all levels), Graduate Diploma in Spanish for Teachers by Distance-Learning, Basic statistical analysis

Dr. Walter Persaud

Dr. Walter Persaud

Senior Lecturer, 02 – 800 3574 Ext. 314

Advanced TEFL Certificate, Canadian Center for Language and Cultural Studies, Canada. (140 hours and one week practicum), 2008.
Graduate Diploma in Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Center for Research in Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Toronto, Canada, 2008.
Graduate Diploma in East Asian Studies, York University, Toronto, 2008.
TEFL Certificate, Languages International, Toronto, Canada, 1993.
Doctor of Philosophy, Social and Political Thought, York University, Canada, 2008.
Master of Arts, Political Science, York University, Toronto, Canada, 1987.
Bachelor of Arts, History, York University, Toronto, Canada, 1984.

Areas of Interest
Language Teaching
International Studies
World History
Postcolonial studies
Cultural Studies

Courses Taught
Introduction to Sociology
History: Caribbean History
Comparative Politics
Humanities: Cultures of the Oppressed
Diverse English Speaking Cultures
Language and Culture: Postcolonialism
International Communication I
International Communication II

Dr.Anjana Warren

Dr.Anjana Warren , 02 – 800 3574 Ext. 227

PhD, Diaspora/Immigrant Literature
Madras Christian College/University of Madras
MPhil , English Language and Literature
M.A , English Language and Literature, Madras Christian College.

Areas of Interest
Diaspora literature, Women and migration, Postcolonial studies, Women and Gender studies, South Asian Studies, Culture, Legends and Folklore

Courses Taught
ICCM 105 English Communication 2
ICCM 106 English Communication 3
ICCU 301 Introduction to Woman and Gender
ICCU 321 Diasporic Literature

Mr. Russell Pattinson

Mr. Russell Pattinson, 02 – 800 3574 Ext. 216

B.A. (Hons) Documentary Communication
PADI OWSI 460428

Areas of Interest
Language and sport education

Courses Taught
ICME100: English Resources Skills
ICCM104: Intermediate English Communication 1
ICCM105: Intermediate English Communication 2
ICCM 106 Intermediate English Communication 3

Ms. Mariejoy San Buenaventura

Ms. Mariejoy San Buenaventura, 02 – 800 3574 Ext. 225

M.A. Liberal Studies, focus on Creative Writing, Dartmouth College

Areas of Interest
Poetry, Fiction, Immigrant Literature

Courses Taught
CCM 104 Intermediate Communications I
ICEG 461 Topics in Comparative Literature: Poetry
ICEG 462 Topics in Comparative Literature: Short Story and Novel
ICCM 204/ ICCU 327 Creative Writing

Ms. Arpaporn Iemubol

Ms. Arpaporn Iemubol, 02 – 800 3574 Ext. 215

M.A., English Language Studies and Method, University of Warwick, UK
B.A., English, Thammasat University, Thailand

Areas of Interest
Foreign language teaching and learning, Thai Language and culture, Thai society, Thai history

Courses Taught
ICML 160 Introduction to Thai Language and Culture
ICML 161 Elementary Thai I
ICML 162 Elementary Thai II
ICML 163 Elementary Thai III

Mr. Bruno Mahon

Mr. Bruno Mahon, 02 – 800 3574 Ext. 318

M.S., Management. University of Bordeaux.
B.A., Foreign language, University of Grenoble

Areas of Interest
Education, Language, Student Exchange Abroad, Film studies.

Courses Taught
Elementary French, Pre-intermediate French, Intermediate French. European film studies. The history of perfume.

Mr. Zhang Bo

Mr. Zhang Bo, 02 – 800 3574 Ext. 202

M.A. Teaching Chinese, Hwachiew Chalermprakiet University
B.A. Economic Management, Inner Mongolia Agricultural University
B.A. Business Japanese, Beijing City University

Areas of Interest
Chinese language, Linguistic, History in China

Courses Taught
Elementary Chinese I, II, III
Pre-Intermediate Chinese I, II, III
Intermediate Chinese I, II, III

Ms. Puvisa Qiujuan

Ms. Puvisa Qiujuan, 02 – 800 3574 Ext. 213

Master of Arts – Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, Hua Qiao University of China and Hua Qiao Chalermprakiat University of Thailand , 2008-2010
Bachelor of Arts – Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, Beijing Language and Culture University, Beijing China, 1989 – 1993

Areas of Interest
Language Teaching, Literature, Cross-Cultural communication, Buddhist studies

Courses Taught
Pre-Intermediate Chinese
Intermediate Chinese
Elementary Chinese

Ms. Maria Del Mar Calero Guerrero

Ms. Maria Del Mar Calero Guerrero, 02 – 800 3574 Ext. 218

M.A in Applied Linguistics, University of Jaen, Spain
Degree in Spanish Literature and Linguistics (Licenciada en Filologia Hispanica) University of Malaga

Areas of Interest
Education, Philosophy, Sociocultural Psychology, Developmental Psychology applied to education, Linguistics, Literature

Courses Taught
ICLM 141- 143 Spanish Elementary I-III
ICLS 211- 213 Spanish Pre-Intermediate I-III
ICLS 311-313 Spanish Intermediate I-III
ICLS 320 Spanish Intermediate Written skills
ICLS 330 Spanish Intermediate Oral skills

Mr.Andrew Forster

Mr.Andrew Forster , 02 – 800 3574 Ext. 224

B.A English and Journalism
University of Queensland ( Australia )
M.Ed Curriculum and Instruction
1st class honour
Assumption University ( Thailand)

Areas of Interest
Language and Media, Standardised Assessment, Decentralized Education

Courses Taught
ICME 100 Eืnglish Resources Skills
ICCM 104 Intermediate English Communication I
ICCM 105 Intermediate English Communication II

Mr.Jan Stevener

Mr.Jan Stevener , 02 – 800 3574 Ext. 326

M.A. German as a Foreign Language, University of Bielefeld, Germany

Areas of Interest
Second Language Acquisition Research, Cognitive Linguistics (Automaticity, Awareness, Monitoring), Testing and Evaluation, German for Office and Business, Blended and e-learning, International Cooperation in Higher Education

Courses Taught
Elementary German I, II, III, Pre-intermediate German I, II