Course Registration

New students register for classes during orientation week, the week before classes begin. All other students register approximately 1-2 weeks before classes start. The registration dates can be found on the Academic Calendar, which is available at the Office of Academic Affairs and Research (OAA) or on the MUIC website.
On the registration date, students can quickly access the registration process by simply logging on to Registration will be complete with the advisor’s approval and payment of tuition fees. If a payment is overdue, students will be charged 100 baht per day (a maximum charge of 1,000 baht).


MUIC has established an advising procedure to assist students in selecting suitable courses. All students are assigned academic advisors who will help students select courses to meet general education and major requirements for their chosen majors. Once students have completed a certain number of general education courses, they are eligible to take classes in their respective majors.

Minimum and Maximum Course Loads Allowed

The minimum course load for full-time students is 12 credit hours, including non-credit class hours. The standard course load per trimester is 16 credit hours. However, students on academic probation are recommended to a course load of 12 credit hours per trimester, including non-credit class hours. Students with a CGPA lower than 3.00 are recommended to register an average of 16-18 total credits per trimester. The maximum course load during the summer session is 8 credit hours.

Registration Errors

Errors in registration should be corrected within the first week of instruction during a regular trimester and within the first three days of instruction for a summer session.

Late Registration and Add/Drop Period

Students who do not register during the registration period can register during the late registration and add/drop periods (1,000 baht will be charged for late registration). The add/drop period consists of 2-3 working days.
During the add/drop period, students can change their schedule once with no additional charge. Any subsequent changes will cost 500 baht for each request processed after the first change. The request to change a section must be approved by the academic advisor.
Students who change their schedule due to circumstances beyond their control, such as classes being canceled, can request an exemption from this fee from the Office of Academic Affairs and Research (OAA).
Students who drop a class without adding a class of equal hours will be charged 10 percent of the cost of the tuition fee for the dropped class. The refund will be transferred to the student’s bank account within 1 month after completion of the add/drop process.

Tuition Payment

Students have to pay the first registered courses tuition plus all required fees before the first payment due date mentioned in the academic calendar. But if students would like to do Add/Drop, then this payment must be finalized before the add/drop period.

Course Withdrawal

Students are allowed to withdraw from a course in which they no longer wish to continue. The withdrawal period is usually during weeks 8-10 of each trimester. Please check in the Academic Calendar which can be downloaded from the MUIC website.
Students officially withdrawing from any subject will not receive a refund and will receive a W grade for the class. Permission to withdraw from a class must be obtained from the instructor. Withdrawal from ERS and EC courses are not allowed. The grade of W will not be used in calculating grade point averages but the course will be counted as having been registered and therefore affect the dismissal decision. Students having W grades will not be eligible for honors.

Students can access the withdrawal process by simply logging on to Students cannot allow their course load to drop below 12 credits (non-credit classes are included). For example, if a student is taking four classes for a total of 16 credits, the student can withdraw from only one class. If a student is taking three classes for a total of 12 credits, the student will not be allowed to withdraw from any class. Students are not allowed to withdraw from any class during the summer session.