PC Admission

The academic calendar for the Preparation Center (PC) for Languages and Mathematics is based on a quarterly system:

PC  Quarter

MUIC Trimester:
Graduated PC4 students will be accepted as MUIC students in

Quarter 1  (January – March)   Trimester III  (April – July)
Quarter 2  (March – June) Summer  (July – August)
Quarter 3  (June – August) Trimester I  (September – December)
Quarter 4  (September – November) Trimester II  (January – March)

Course duration: 10 weeks per quarter per level; classes Monday – Friday

when to apply
The Preparation Center for Languages and Mathematics (PC) offers TWO tracks of admissions for students:

  1. PC Regular Track (MUIC Entrance Examination)
    Eligible applicants: Thai and foreign nationals living in Thailand
  2. Applicants from this track are eligible to study at the Preparation Center (PC) only after taking the MUIC Entrance Examination and when the entrance results show that their English skills do not meet minimum requirements for entrance to MUIC but show potential for future studies at MUIC. These applicants will be eligible to sit for a PC interview and study in the PC program before gaining entrance to MUIC.

    Applicants CANNOT apply directly to study at PC via this track. However applicants who wish to study at PC for further study at other institutions, they are welcome to contact the PC office directly or at

    when to apply
    Applicants interested in the PC Regular Track MUST apply through an MUIC Entrance Examination.
    CLICK to see details of MUIC Admissions for Thai Students / Foreign Residents

  3. PC International Track
    Eligible applicants: Overseas students living outside of Thailand
  4. International students who live abroad, have completed high school, and possess IELTS/TOEFL certification that does not meet the minimum requirements for entrance to MUIC can directly apply to PC via the PC International Track. This admission type aims at facilitating students from overseas who are pursuing a language preparatory course before furthering their studies at MUIC.

    when to apply

    Application Duration

    Test Dates
    (The exact dates will be announced)

    PC Quarter Period

    Third Entry
    September 17  –  October 12, 2018

    November  19 – 23, 2018

    Quarter 1/2019:
    (January 7 – March 15, 2019)

    Fourth Entry:
    January 7- February 1, 2019

    March 11 – 15, 2019

    Quarter 2/2019:
    (April 1 – June 7, 2019)

    First Entry:
    April 1- May 3, 2019

    June 3 – 7, 2019

    Quarter 3/2019:
    (June 17- August 23, 2019)

    Second Entry:
    June 17- July 12, 2019

    August 19 – 23, 2019

    Quarter 4/2019:
    (September 16 – November 22, 2019)


    1. An original and two (2) photocopies of a diploma or high school certificate and an official transcript which must be accompanied by a certified English translation if the transcript is in a foreign language.
      Note: All documentation submitted from foreign countries must be posted or couriered although scanned or faxed copies are acceptable as a preliminary measure
    2. An IELTS score of at least 4.5 (including a writing band score of 4.5) or IBT TOEFL score of at least 45 within the last 6 months (only original proof of the result is accepted, no photocopy).
    3. Letters of recommendation from two teachers, with certified English translations if the recommendations are written in a foreign language.
    4. Two (2) copies of all pages of one’s passport.
    5. Three (3) 2-inch recent photos.
    6. Statement of Purpose (250 words) explaining why the applicant wishes to study at PC.
    7. An official financial statement indicating the applicant’s or parent’s/guardian’s financial status, and showing 6-month transactions (a statement downloaded and printed from the bank online service is NOT accepted).

      Note:The document must be accompanied by a certified English translation if the transcript is in a foreign language.

    8. A medical certificate taken in a hospital which is recognized worldwide or by your government, with certified check-up and/or blood test results.

      *It is required that the applicant be free of the general physical disorder (e.g. Leprosy, Advanced Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Drug addiction, Chronic alcoholism, Elephantiasis).
      **The document must be accompanied by a certified English translation if the transcript is in a foreign language.

    Visa Information:

    MUIC will provide applicants with the required documents to apply for a student visa at the local Thai Embassy/Consulate once the applicant has passed the placement test and met PC admission requirements.

    Fees & Payment:

    Accepted students to PC International Track will be advised to proceed to the payment of fees upon arrival in Thailand.

    Click to see details of PC Tuition Fees

    how to apply

    1. Click to see Application Information and download the Application Form (PDF)
    2. Complete the application documents and send to for a preliminary review.
    3. PC will confirm the applicants to submit the ORIGINAL application documents by POST to:

      Preparation Center for Languages and Mathematics
      Mahidol University International College
      999 Phutthamonthon 4 Road, Salaya,
      Nakhonpathom, Thailand 73170

    4. Successful application and documentation will be confirmed by e-mail.
    5. The applicant will be appointed to take the online PC Placement Test and an interview.


    Students in the PC International Track must meet the MUIC admissions regulations by applying for the MUIC Entrance Examination in order to be qualified to enroll at MUIC.