Office of Student Affairs

The MUIC Office of Students Affairs, located in Room 1110, Building 1, provides a wide range of support for students during their term of studies and consists of the Student Affairs and Alumni Affairs and Career Development Sections.

The Student Affairs Section promotes student involvement in the Student Association, extracurricular activities through student clubs and participation in national, regional and international conferences and community outreach reach efforts, in addition to addressing student welfare, including housing accommodations, access to healthcare and personal counseling, scholarship opportunities and facilitating military requirements.

The Alumni Career Development Unit maintains contact with MUIC alumni through the Alumni Association network, organizes reunions, offers advice on career placement and provides essential resources on job searches as well as information on various industries and institutes of higher learning.

In accordance with Mahidol University’s core values and MUIC’s mission to produce well-rounded students through its emphasis on a liberal arts education, the Office of Student Affairs is firmly committed to the proposition that learning cannot be confined to the classroom but requires engagement through a multiplicity of activities whereby students can develop their life skills and exercise their social responsibilities.

Contact the Student Affairs Office
Office: Building 1, Floor 1, Room 1100
Tel: +66 (0) 2700 5000
Fax: +66 (0) 2441 0232

Student Affairs staff

Ajarn Michael Naglis
Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Ms. Jutharat Thipboonsup
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Ms. Sasithron Rojsongkram
Head of Student Development Unit

Ms. Praewthip Wongpaiboon
Head of Student Services and Welfare Unit

Ms.Rakchanok Urapoom

Ms. Ubonwan Songkrantanon

Mr.Threepak Pattarasumun

Ms.Rungtipa Sae-teaw

Ms. Nattika Phunyatera