Inbound International Students

Mahidol University International College (MUIC) accepts three kinds of inbound international students and greatly values their participation and contributions in promoting the international profile of the College.

Inbound full-time students are high school graduates or college/university students who wish to earn a four-year Bachelor Degree at MUIC in the Arts, Sciences or Management. They are required to spend their first two years taking General Education courses before focusing on their chosen major. Overseas applicants are also required to take placement tests in English and/or Mathematics.

Inbound exchange students engage in studies at MUIC for a fixed period of time, from one trimester up to one academic year, as part of the study abroad programs at their home universities. They have a choice of approximately 400 courses each trimester in the Arts, Sciences and Management. Moreover, exchange students are encouraged to take the Thai Language and Culture course to broaden their understanding of Thailand and its people.

Students whose home university is not one of MUIC’s partner institutions can study at the College as visiting students for one trimester or up to one academic year. Credits earned can be transferred to an ongoing degree program at another institution. Apart from their selected courses in the MUIC academic schedule, visiting students are also encouraged to take the Thai Language and Culture course.