Business Administration Division:

Business Administration (B.A.)

The Business Administration (B.A.) Division offers five majors leading to a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree: Business Economics, Finance, Information Systems, International Business and Marketing. In addition, the BA Division runs a unique M.B.A. Program in Business Modeling and Development, aimed at producing professional graduates with strong qualitative and quantitative business analytical proficiency together with sound decision-making skills.

Business Essentials is a group of general business courses which do not come under any major, but are necessary for business students.

These courses are:

  • Business Law
  • Business Ethics
  • Business Communication
  • Computers in Management
  • Information Systems in Management
  • Management Science
  • Operations Management
Bachelor Degree Program includes:
  • Business Economics
  • Finance
  • Information System
  • International Business
  • Marketing
Learning Outcomes

The Bachelor of Business Administration Program is aimed at ensuring that:

1. Business Acumen: Students can analyze complex business issues and make logical decisions

2. Multidisciplinary: Students can solve business problems using knowledge from multiple disciplines

3. Ethics: Students can understand and assess ethical issues in business contexts

4. Quantitative analysis: Students can analyze business-related issues quantitatively

5. Teamwork: Students can work as part of a successful team

6. Communication: Students can communicate professionally and effectively in a business context

7. Information Technology: Students can solve business problems using information technology