Research Promotion and Management Section (RPM)


Research Committee:
On the 4th Friday of each month. (All requests must be submitted by the 2nd Friday of the month.)

Academic Position Screening Committee:
Within 30 days after submission of completed application form, including all relevant documents and in-class teaching evaluation.

Research Promotion and Management Section

Mahidol University International College (MUIC) contributes to Mahidol University’s continual pursuit of research excellence by engaging high-potential researchers, supporting multi-disciplinary investigations, and promoting international collaborations.

Our faculty and staff members participate in various research-related activities in several disciplines, from professional fields of Business Administration and Tourism & Hospitality Management to subject areas such as Fine & Applied Arts, Humanities & Language, Science, and Social Science. In particular, we not only create knowledge, but do so with a goal to sustainably benefit the world economically, socially, and ecologically.

Faculty and staff members at MUIC have received prestigious research grants from both governmental and corporate institutions in Thailand and abroad. We have also produced numerous high quality academic products, including journal articles in internationally recognized databases.

The Research Promotion and Management Section (RPM) within the Office of Academic Affairs and Research is responsible for inducing and facilitating the creation of academic products at MUIC. We award generous research grants, conference funds, and product rewards to all MUIC faculty and staff members. We also organize events such as research seminars, training workshops, as well as provide consultations with respect to academic advancements.

Feel free to browse through the website for regular updates of research opportunities and achievements. Please contact or visit us if you need any information or assistance.

(For MUIC faculty and staff members, please contact the RPM’s office for any relevant forms and/or documents.)