MUIC Curriculum Development: TQF

The followings are the documents that each program has to develop:

  1. TQF2 Program Specifications along with curriculum mapping (Bachelor’s Degree), (Thai & English version)
  2. TQF3 Course Specifications (English version only)
  3. TQF4 Field Experience Specifications (if any), (English version only)
  4. The curriculum revision form (Thai & English version)
  5. The curriculum slide presentation (Thai version only)
  6. MU form to be submitted to the Scrutiny Committee (Thai version only)
  7. MU form to be submitted to the Dean Meeting and MU Council Meeting (Thai version only)

Remark: For number 2 and 3, each program must put the page number of all subjects and sort them by subject code e.g. TQF3: ICCM 104 page 1-4, ICCM 105 page 5-8, following by TQF4 (if any) and also produce the table of content.

In addition, for each program, please submit all documents above both in hard and soft copies to the Office of Academic Affairs. The OAA staff will check the curriculum format and submit them to the MU accordingly.

Please find documents for download as follows:

Curriculum Schedule

MUIC TQF Workshop (Video)

  • TQF Workshop on General Education Course Specification:TQF3, Thurs 16 Dec 10 [Video| 1mb]
  • TQF Workshop#2, Thurs 6 Jan 11[Video | 1mb]

MUIC Pictures of TQF Workshop

MUIC TQF Presentation

MUIC General Education Courses

MUIC TQF2 Program Specifications

MUIC TQF3 Course Specifications

MUIC TQF4 Field Experience Specifications

Any other forms that each program of MUIC has to submit to OAA

TQF Curriculum Examples of MU

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