The European Union Thailand National Intervarsity Debate Championship, more commonly known as EU-TH, was founded in 2004 by the Delegation of the European Union (hereafter, EU) and Thammasat Speakers Union in an attempt to nurture youth participation in the discussion and understanding of issues related, but not limited to, the EU. Eighteen teams from the top universities in Thailand partook in the first championship.

Over the years, the EU-TH has grown to become the most prominent debating tournament in Thailand. In doing so, it has become a symbol of the decades of growing diplomatic relations between the EU and Thailand. A testament to the tournament’s reach was the 8th EU-TH held at Khon Kaen University in 2012, when 84 teams across 24 academic institutions participated in the tournament.

The EU-TH has served as a platform and opportunity for students to develop their English proficiency, critical thinking, speech delivery, meta-analytical skills, and even teamwork. Motions debated in EU-TH range from “Environment”, to “International Relations”, to “Social Justice”, bringing light the nation’s youth on the everyday issues of the world. Additionally, and irrefutably, the long standing championship has provided a space for Thai students to grow to become more aware and responsible citizens of not only Thailand, but the world. The critical thinking skills and discourse engagement also serve as tools to ensuring sustainable democratic development.

On its 13th year, Mahidol University International College’s Debating Society, feel honored to be the hosts of EU-TH.