MUIC Student Association

The MUIC Student Association (MUICSA), the College’s student organization, consists of 24 members. They meet weekly in order to oversee the schedule of student activities, supervise the funding of student clubs and address a wide range of student needs.

The MUICSA agenda entails three primary objectives:
  • To make MUIC a place where students can excel and enjoy themselves, both academically and socially;
  • To encourage as many students as possible to become involved in extra-curricular activities; and
  • To provide a voice for students and contribute to finding creative solutions for student concerns.

The MUIC Student Association also collaborates with the elected representatives from each of the four classes which are responsible for special annual events. The freshmen class organizes the Thank P’ Party, the sophomore class is responsible for the Welcome Unity Camp and Freshy Game, while the junior class is responsible for Prom night.

Elections for the MUIC Student Association leadership team are held each year at the end of Trimester 3. The MUICSA office is located on the second floor of Building 2, Room 2212.

Student Association Leadership Team
Upper row (Left to right): Mr. Tanyapat Siripornrungrueng (Vice Preseident – Internal), Mr. Suroj Tangsumpun (Treasurer)
Lower row (Left to right): Ms. Piyawan Ruengarak (Vice President – External), Ms. Piyaporn Jarungphonphiphat (President), Ms. Rattanaporn Sawedsuthiphun (Secretary)