Southeast Asian Studies Program

Each year undergraduate and graduate students from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (UNC-CH), USA, embark on a summer study tour in Southeast Asia, specifically Singapore, Brunei or Malaysia, and explore such issues as economics, political science and religious studies. Since 2006 they have extended their tour by visiting MUIC from three to five weeks in late June and early July.

Generally, 25-30 students, accompanied by an instructor, participate in this program which consists of an orientation session and introduction to Thailand and its culture, a crash course in survival Thai, Southeast Asian Studies courses which are team-taught by UNC-CH and MUIC instructors, a series of cultural activities (Thai boxing and cooking classes), visitations to non-government organizations and major tourist attractions in the Bangkok area as well as field trips to designated provincial schools.

In addition, the University of North Carolina employs MUIC students who have participated in its exchange program during the previous term to serve as teaching assistants during the course of this program. They are responsible for accompanying the UNC-CH group on their various visitations and field trips.