Sustainable Tourism Program

MUIC’s Tourism and Hospitality Management Division, under the leadership of Dr. Chanin Yoopetch, conducted a meeting in 2012 to promote sustainable tourism management for African countries, an effort that eventually resulted in the Sustainable Tourism Program, administered by MUIC under an operating budget from the Thailand International Development Cooperation Agency.

The first program attracted 22 participants who function on the administrative and operational levels of the tourism sector. During their one-month stay at the Salaya Pavilion Hotel and Training Center, the participants attended classes based on sustainable tourism, which were taught by MUIC lecturers as well as guest lecturers from the Tourism Authority of Thailand, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports and other institutions that provided expertise on special topics such as medical tourism.

Apart from formal instruction, participants engaged in a number of field trips to hotels, organizations and agencies in and around Bangkok and its surrounding provinces. The excellent feedback from the participants ensured that the program will continue into 2013 and become an annual feature.