Career Development Unit

The launch of the ASEAN Economic Community in 2015 will create new job opportunities in the region; however, there will be far more competition for jobs in Thailand. Fortunately, being a Mahidol University student is a clear advantage, in addition to MUIC’s reputation for producing talented and socially-conscious graduates with excellent communication skills. Nevertheless, our graduates need to do their own part in shaping their potential prospects.

The MUIC Career Development Unit assists MUIC students in deciding on possible career paths by providing the tools and information required on the way to graduation and that first job. More specifically, the Unit offers (1) one-on-one advising, (2) employment and internship fairs, (3) programs and workshops designed to facilitate prospective careers, (4) mock interviews and (5) job postings through social media.

Essentially, however, career planning is all about our MUIC students and how they help themselves by investing the time and effort that is needed.