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Tea, Coffee, Cookie, and Research
The 13th Tea, Coffee, Cookie, and Research on "How to write research proposal efficiently"  (Special Topic) Invited Speaker : Dr.Thammachai  Chaopreecha (Committee of the National Research Council of Thailand) : Feb. 25, 2011
[Download : PDF ]
The 12th Tea, Coffee, Cookie, and Research on "Mushroom Identification, Cultivation Edibility and Toxicology", Invited Speaker : Dr.Edward  Grand (Science Division), Hosted by  Dr.Ramesh Boonratana (Travel Industry Management Division) : Nov. 19, 2010
The 11th Tea, Coffee, Cookie, and Research on "A Trip to France and Germany: On a Search for New, Prestigious Partners" (Special Topic) (Oct. 29, 2010) [Download : PPT ]
The 10th Tea, Coffee, Cookie, and Research on "Doing Research in a Business Context" (Special Topic) (Aug. 24, 2010)
The 9th Tea, Coffee, Cookie, and Research on "Expanding Research: How one paper leads to a series of articles" (Aug. 20, 2010)
The 8th Tea, Coffee, Cookie, and Research on "Royal Initiative Discovery" (Special Topic) (Aug. 6, 2010)
The 7th Tea, Coffee, Cookie, and Research on "Multidisciplinary Applied Research by FAA" (Jul. 16, 2010)
The 6th Tea, Coffee, Cookie, and Research [June 18, 2010]
Presentation on "Can Academic Textbooks be Commercially Viable?”
by Mr. John Power (HLD Division) [Download : PPT]
The 5th Tea, Coffee, Cookie, and Research on "Tips for an Academic Position Application" (Special Topic) (May 14, 2010)
The 4th Tea, Coffee, Cookie, and Research on "Experimental Economics: Not the Kind of Experiment you think" (Apr. 23, 2010)
The 3rd Tea, Coffee, Cookie, and Research on "Measuring the Unmeasurable: A Brief Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling" (Mar. 19, 2010)
The 2nd Tea, Coffee, Cookie, and Research on "My Research, My Chemistry" (Feb. 19, 2010)
The 1st Tea, Coffee, Cookie, and Research on "Tips for Developing a Promising Research Proposal" (Nov. 27, 2009)
Meet the Dean
Meet the New MUIC Director [May 4, 2009]
Presentation [Thai] [Eng]
+ Center of Ethical Reinforcement for Human Research (CERif)" [Eng]
AIM for Excellence [Eng]
Educational Criteria for Performance Excellence (EdPEx):
MUIC Development Direction via Gap Analysis of Organizational Profile [Eng]
The Faculty Members’ Orientation 2009 [July 10, 2009]
Presentation on Academic Promotion and Research at MUIC [Eng]
by Assoc. Prof. Yaowalark Sukthana
MUIC Key Performance Index [ February 10, 2009 ]
by Assoc. Prof. Yaowalark  Sukthana 
From 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. at seminar room (1210),
the 2nd floor, Building 1 Mahidol University International College.
Training Workshop on "KM & R2R" [15-16 August 2008]
- KM & R2R
- R2R : An Impact
Author Workshop on:“The Insiders’ Guide to Getting Published in
International Research Journals”

on Wednesday 5th November 2008
from 8:30 hrs. -11:30 hrs.
at the Seminar Room, 2nd  Floor, Mahidol University International College

Organized by
Planning, Research and Development Department and
Library of  Mahidol University International College
in associated with Emerald Group Publishing present:
[Presentation & Photo Gallery]



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